Community Partnership Grants Scheme

The Community Partnership Grant Scheme supports projects and activities that contribute to the development of local Communities or to the Kangaroo Island Community as a whole.  It is designed to provide the support that is needed to complete a project, or to encourage the development of projects (in the case of multi-staged projects) and Community Programs.

Successful Applicants 2018/19
Organisation Amount Project
Kangaroo Island Road Safety Committee $2,475 Road Safety Messages via Food & Wine app
Kangaroo Island Gymnastics $2,000    New mats
National Trust SA Kangaroo Island Branch $1,087 Computer equipment
Parndana Sports Club $500 Court sweeper
Parndana Progress Association $4,000 Garden beds in Town Hall & Museum precinct
Penneshaw Progress Association $2,000 Flagpole for inclusion of New Zealand flag at ANZAC Day Commemoration ceremonies
Stokes Bay Community Hall $6,840 Double glass doors
Art Museum of Kangaroo Island Establishment Committee $879 Purchase of laptop and software
Successful Applicants 2017/18
Organisation Amount Project
Art Museum of KI $3,000 Strategic Planning
Baudin Beach Progress Association $1,675 Replacement of basketball post and system
Bicycle Users Group $2,000 Series of cycle trail brochures
Dudley United Netball Club $2,110 Purchase of high pressure cleaner for courts
HeartSafe KI $1,553

Community AED and CPR training

KI Pioneers Association $1,000 Review of the Frenchman's Rock and contemplation seat sites
NTSA Penneshaw Maritime & Folk Museum $   862 Erection of a stand and water tank
Parndana Golf Club $2,000 Men's toilet upgrade
Parndana Progress Association $   400 Town Hall and Museum precinct flag pole project
Penneshaw Progress Association $   938 Upgrade to the new entrance to Dudley Hall and west window blinds
Western Districts MCSC $1,500 Strategic planning and constitution review
Successful Applicants 2016/17
Organisation Amount Project
Advance Kingscote Progress Association $555 Signage for exercise equipment along walking trail in Brownlow
American River Progress Association                                                             $4,656  Storage shed at the American River Sports Association Shed
Artists Collective Kangaroo Island Inc $894 Computer upgrade to improve communication to members and the Community
Dudley Writers' Group $1,600 Weekend masterclass on writing short stories and poetry
Kangaroo Island/Victor Harbor Dolphin Watch $1,600 Wild Sound - placement of static hydrophones (sound traps)
KI Basketball Association $3,667 Purchase of automatic court cleaner for the Pavillion
KI Pioneers Association $880 Restoration of interpretive signs at Reeves Point
National Trust SA $2,310 Upgrade access to courtyard display buildings at Hope Cottage
Parndana Progress Association $2,000 Purchase and installation of hot water service for the Parndana Town Hall kitchen
Parndana Soldier Settlement Museum $800 Purchase and installation of blinds for light reduction
Parndana Sports Club $550 Purchase of lawn mower
Reclink Australia $2,200 3 day sporting event in January 2017, ongoing projects throughout 2017 and participation in Youth Week.
Successful Applicants 2015/16
  • Advance Kingscote Progress Association - Artwork design for Kingscote to Brownlow walking trail
  • Artists Collective KI Inc - Easter Art Exhibition lighting upgrade
  • American River Progress Association - Updating and relocation of American River sign
  • Baudin Beach Progress Association - Stone Memorial Wall
  • Dolphin Watch - Purchase items to assit 'Encounter Dolphin Watch' program
  • Finding Workable Solutions - KI Youth outdoor cinema
  • KI Broadcastes (KIxFM) - Transport of equipment from Sydney
  • KI Road Safety Committee - Drive Enjoy Survive Safety Campaign: Drive on the Left
  • KI Yacht Club - Purchase donut fryer and accessories
  • National Trust (Hope Cottage) - Front fence
  • Parndana Golf Club - Creek crossings
  • Parndana Progress Association - Sixteen legs exhibition
  • Parndana Soldier Settlement Museum - Refurbisment of Armco Shed (Stage 2)
  • Penneshaw Progress Association - Art fences to greet KI arrivals
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